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Colors in UI Design

everyone knows how important the colors are when we design there are some tips I always consider while designing

Every single target group looks at the colors in a different way. Always try to undeerstand who you are designing for.

Every color evokes a diffrent emotion in the end-user. Try to setup the right emotion at the right time.

Colors are part of the brand strategy, they help the brand to a position in the market and send the right message.

The contrast of colors matters, always try to use contrast checkers to fully validate your color decisions.

Whenever you are selecting the color scheme make sure that your colors are balanced and working together.

Keep in mind that not everyone is having a perfect vision, try to help them by selecting the accessible colors.

According to the research, blue is the NO.1 color that both woman and man like. You almost cann’t be wrong with it.

Find right pattern that suits and work together is the most.

Typography in UI Design

Typography forms the foundation of a design just as much as colors and components do. As a result, you’ll need to establish patterns for consistent, legible typography early in the process of creating your design system. Doing so will make it easier for you to scale typography across multiple applications and devices, without complicating the handoff between designers and developers.

Decide a primary typeface

Choose a primary font which is readable and professional. I used “Sans serif” in my website and it’s open, friendly and simple.

Set a base font value

I have set 16px a base font value which I will use as a body text everywhere.

Make type scale system

Using a 4pt baseline system is best method according to me for perfect vertical rhythm. Use type scale which are divisible by 4.

Text Color

Color also plays a key role in an interface’s typographic hierarchy, often by established types.

    Typefaces evoke diffrent feeling & thoughts,

    Choosing the appropirate font is critical for a brand.

    Using a typeface that is versatile will ensure it works across device sizes. Using 3 styles is ideal for projects.

    90% of letters we read are lowercase letters. Contrast in letter height from caps is typically more legible.

    The White space inside of letters are called counters. the right balance in space creates better legibility.

    Design it symple not just clean

    Designing clean & minimal interfaces are trending nowadays, and they are good. But sometimes designers forget the distinction between simplicity and minimalism. A clean design might look beautiful and pleasing but making it easy to understand and usable is what simplicity means.

    It’s always good to keep the necessary complexity to design a better product.


    White space

               Give design some space to breathe.


               Low contrast makes hard to read and use elements.


               Fonts, colors and overall style needs to be consistent.

     Less fonts

             I use maximum 2 fonts for my design. 



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