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Similar APP

 The App is about Define opportunities for Particular Audience to help online shoppers, do their task easier in regards to the compare price on other retailers and online shops and find the best deals and offer for similar items. 


Particular Audience 

Software company in Darlinghurts

Team – Duration

2 UX designer –  2 weeks




Steps we decided to do for this project

  • Explore Market AND focus on who are our potential users and what they try to achieve. 
  • Find what is their journey to achieve their goals and what problem they are facing.  
  • What we can offer them and what opportunity is in the market..

My Role 

  • Finding and Analyzing Competitors and compare them with all futures they have.
  • Discuss about our research plan and interview questions and survey.
  • Interview and Synthesizing the research.
  • User journey – User flow – Business Model Canvas
  • Ideation
  • MVP
  • Usability test Itteratio


How we compete when we are starting?

It doesn’t make sense, if we do same thing but less.

We need to start something small, BUT something  UNIQUE than other competitor.

We shouldn’t do everything but we do something outstanding and better than them.

I picked some of the competitors base of google research and popularity  then I went through each of them to  analyse.

First I look at their Layout and user interface. then  what elements they show to their users? for example shipping cost, availability and delivery time also How easy users can navigate on their platform to find specific items? including search, filters and sorting And then,   How many brands and retailers are they supporting?   as you can see each of them are good in different areas.  This research helped us on the process of design specially when we did ideation and MVP in regards to how we need to compete in the market.

Research plan


User interviews

16 online shoppers

Gain insights into users’ online shopping habits and the end-to-end journey to identify user’s goals and frustrations.

Usability testing

11 Budget shoppers           

We conducted usability testing with other product client gave it to us to understand more about users behavior .


25 Survey responses 

Gain quantitative data to evaluate the key findings from user interviews. 

Some Key finding in Research (interview,Survey)

#Key finding 

Shoppers take multiple steps and go to multiple platforms to compare products.

“ Googled Best 4k Monitor 2019…”

“ I found it hard to navigate all the options online…”

#Key finding 

Shoppers prefer to use Mobile for browsing and financial transactions.

#Key finding 

Shoppers use mobile to search for a better price when shopping in-store.

#Key finding 

There are multiple factors shoppers consider when making a decision to purchase something online. 


Journey Map


Base on our Primary personas, “DEAL HUNTER” and focus on her  journey,  goals she wants to achieve and problems she is facing. Our solution for her is: 

help her to find the other deals available in the market while she is in the store. Therefor, the best idea for her is having an app installed on her phone, with the possibility of taking a photo of the item or just photo of barcode of the item she would like to buy or easily she can search for it through navigation or search bar. You can see we want to give her a couple of options to help her quickly find the  item. Now she must be able to see the price of item in other retailers and online shops also she can see if there is any coupon or special discount available. Even she must be able to see if any offer is available for similar items.

Impact Effort Matrix

After we had our ideation , we put all of the  features we found on our interview, in the IMPACT EFFORT MATRIX  and we had a meeting with the developer team to find out about the effort and possibility of each feature.

  1. Ability to discover special offers
  2. Reviews / Rating
  3. Outling product features
  4. Send notification
  5. Customised Filter base of research
  6. Add item to wishlist
  7. Shipping cost
  8. Visual search
  9. Show pickup availability
  10. Warranty/return policy
  11. Error management
  12. Estimate delivery time
  13. Customer service rating

Wire-framing   &   Iteration

After we have done ideation and found our MVP, I built out our sketches, Sketching was important for us to understand the available options for solving the problem. 

We started to do usability test with our LO-FI design, we had a good respond of our first iteration with 8 users. Results showed that they experienced difficulty identifying different some elements of pages and using filter for search

1 – Users suggested that they want to know what “Top picks for you”  are based on we changed the title and rest of users haven’t confused

2 – some users couldn’t find the menu and we replaced it on top 

1 – We had A-B testing and most of users pick the overlay window with less information they didn’t want to scroll the page to see more information, they prefer to see all information in one page.

2 – Also they suggested us price need to be bigger and more visible. 

1 – Users prefer sort be on top of the page not on filters page. 

2 – Free shipping option on filter page did not make sense, overall price sometimes with shipping was cheaper.  

3 – Users said platform not very important for them they prefer to see different option on filter to find what they looking for quicker.

Final Prototype

What is next?

We highly recommend second iteration of research specially on quantity part. (25 result on survey) 

We had only one round of usability test for the prototype. We recommend couple of more round of usability test and iteration specially if you would like to add more features .

Also nice color theme which is perfectly goes with both of the products ( browser extension and mobile app) we think is very important.