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IKEA is a Swedish brand with an international business model.

For this project, we’ve decided to focus on the behaviours of users in Sydney during their decision-making and purchasing process.

We decide to work on IKEA website and was lake of connection with customers and UX must find the storyboard and apply on website for more practically and efficiently.

Duration: 2.5 weeks                                                                     Tools: Figma, Axure, Miro

My role

Competitors Research


Solution and proposed userflow

MVP definition



Usability Testing – Iteration

What do IKEA customers say?

  • Users are confused about the order of the current check out process
  • Users like to research and compare their options before committing to purchasing a piece of furniture as they see it as an investment and would like to make an informed decision
  • Users prioritise price and the look of the piece before purchasing

IKEA’s customers behavior (Survey with over 60 respond)

What device they use for browsing on website?

Customers would like to physically evaluate! 

Who I visit and what they say 

Customers actions! 


Problems we found

Hard to compare Items Online.

Hand write List .

Not easy find items at showroom.

Checkout process is confusing.


Add compare products – improve the product info page with ability o save in list.

Add Map and location to find list in showroom

Improve the check out system

Proposed User Flow

This is our user follow we decided to do for our personas (Andy and Lisa).

Wireframe – Prototype 


Solution for this project base of Customer’s pain points :

  1. User experience on website: users browse websites, compare products, see product details and save items for inspection at the showroom. These features are designed on desktop responsible websites. 
  2. User experience in Showroom, this part added to mobile responsive website futures, users can access to the saved list, find item on showroom map, inspect it and they can remove it, add item to pick up list or add to bag if they want to buy it later online if they want use delivery service


Usability improved

This project had 3 rounds of iterations with several users and on each round we improved the design to be more user friendly. Users found our design and solution very helpful and more time-efficient from research and compare products add the products to list and use same list to find items location in showroom guide and map as well as the warehouse item location to be very clear and convenient.

Main page 1) Search Bar   2) Search from menu

search result Page

  1. Check box tick for compare
  2. Compare  buttom
  3. Save to list
  4. Link to product info page

Comprehensive  page, used Icon to ease 

Product details page, 

Confirm Order page

  1. How to receive order.
  2. Change order


Payment Details Page, 

Saved list, is ready to inspect at showroom

Find items in showroom

Select showroom and see map

Find Item in showroom

Find location

Find packages of item

What is Next Step

Everything we have done for this project was remote, definitely more in store usability testing is a big missed. in additional more in store interview with people working in IKEA would be lead this project further to next level.