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Hi……My name is Farhad a UX designer with a background in software development and digital marketing. I have had a great career and love challenge myself with new skills, this is what led me to study UX Design.

Farhad Irankhah

I have seen so many successful and unsuccessful projects and am always thinking how I can design to have more chances of  success until I was introduced to UX 4 years ago and started to study my passion.

My aapproach is simple, by utilizing design thinking techniques, I enable my clients, to walk through their customers shoes and see the world through their eyes by identifying users pain points and coming up with solutions to address and improve them. The goal is to be customer centric while driving the business towards profit maximization.

Particular Audience

Define opportunities for Particular Audience to help online shoppers do their task easier and find best price in market.

RWB Marine ERP Design

Creating the strategy for migration towards a technology enabled, business and operating model; defining the delivery pathway from current to target stage; validating initiatives by breaking them down into product features, functions and process change demand; monitoring delivered change for business value.


IKEA project was  to focus on the behaviours of users in Sydney during their decision-making and purchasing process. and focused on visual designe and prototype, I used Figma for MidFI and axure for HiFI prototype.

AZURE Lighting Solution

Azure is a new lighting company, it’s a start up business. They want to make sure start with user centered design.



Tools and Skills



axure RP



Adobe Xd


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects


Google Analytics





I am more than happy to talk with you or let’s have a coffee

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